by Breaking Tradition

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Agent K(ahunasan)
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Agent K(ahunasan) Similar to Deep Elm bands from the early '00's "Vanity" brings heavy Emo-Post Hardcore Alt Rock Aesthetics to the forefront again.
Vocal Harmonies are amazing and drive each song felt emotion straight to the core of existence.
Fans of Count Your Lucky Stars Label will also like this excellent effort. Favorite track: 105.
Brad Kearsley
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Brad Kearsley Beautiful harmonies, heavy hitting guitars, with a great story. I love it. Favorite track: 105.
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released May 12, 2015

Recorded by Eric McNelis
Mastered by Dave at



all rights reserved


Breaking Tradition National Park, New Jersey

Tongue tied with closed eyes.


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Track Name: Singing Arc
I want us to be a singing arc that sings a song that lights the darkness
between you and I and everything that keeps my hopes up high
I want to make use of this shattered frame
Give me a cause, give me a name
Help me prove that I can make this static ring out longer that you could wait
Like a pine waiting for rain, or a fire to take the pain so the whole forest could start over and burn these pitch pines into clovers

So lets start over

I want us to be a singing arc, I am the ends you are the spark.
Track Name: 105
I don’t want to be an empty body, another penny in the well of hope for modest dreams
Give me enough to cope to get me through the night, wondering how much I can take before this useless body gives up this useless fight

We’re all tongue tied with closed eyes

I don’t want to be another story of a hopeless sleepless night
Asking if our dreams should see closer, all the while we’re wasting time
Wondering how much I can take before this useless body gives up this useless fight

Does my voice ring hollow? Did we all get swallowed?

You’re out writing books going to college
And I’m still writing songs about how weak I’ve gotten
I can’t seem to let this thing go
I can’t seem to let you go

I don’t want to wake up in the morning and wonder if my friends are still breathing
Track Name: Lost Cause
Where did I go wrong? What I loved is dead and gone
And for a lost cause, I seem to play it off so well

I can’t stand on my own two feet without you as my concrete

Will you clear my memory? Make this easier for me

Cause I can’t tell the difference between you and her and them and him and me

I don’t know how I’m missing things I never even had
Is this a curse? How did you turn me into stone? I don’t know

I’ll eat away at my insides with the way that I always lie.
Add to my list of sleepless nights.
Track Name: All of My Days
I watched you come and go faster than I could save it
Its time I learn I should take what I can get
Cause you’re a Sundays best and I’m a fucking mess
I never thought I’d be this close to death
Death to thoughts of a closer you and I
We’re stupid kids looking for stupid fun.
Will I be the one to change your mind?
Or will I just be keeping you up nights?

When will you pull the trigger?
Give me a sign give me a signal to make you all of my days
I swear if we touched we’d disappear
You’re all of my days
But I deserve to sit and rot right here

For now I’ll try to forget about you until you remember me
If this is all you ever wanted its something that I will never be
You are the cracks in my skin, the age in my face
A constant reminder that I gave my life up to the chase

I’ll make you all of my days
I never thought I’d be this close to you
You can’t be fixed by the ones who left you broke
So let me help you breathe before you start to choke
I watched you come and go
Track Name: Red Bank
I chose to walk through the park on my way home tonight
I had to clear my head so I thought I wouldn’t drive
From this battlefield I see city lights that seem to light up the whole night sky
And from this cliche mess I’m sure you know the next few lines

I know you said this probably wouldn’t last
It makes me think of the past which surely has passed
It reminds me of a year ago, my friends advice which I now know
She said “every body wants what they can’t have”

If can’t get through the summer without one of us feeling torn
Then we won’t get through the winter cause we’ll need someone to keep us warm
The spring and the fall are my favorite of all cause I know that I don’t need you, but I’ll always seem to want to

I guess I gotta move on

I decided to drive by your old house today
The connections are gone but the same old feelings stay
They say time only flies when you’re having fun, if this is true my time as barely begun
But sometimes it only feels like yesterday when we walked through that crowded house together
So many people were there but I still felt so alone
The closest thing to love that night was when I gave you my coat just to do some right.
Did you take it out of love or were you just that cold?
Were you just cold?

Its hard for you to hear as its hard for me to write
Part of me will always love you, all of me will care whats right for you
With this never ending chase, and the words I can’t erase, but you know what I have to do
and it might kill me to say
Its hard for you to hear as its hard for me to write, but you know that its not worth it
its not worth the fight
I guess I gotta move on

Stagnant words, drowning eyes, wasted time
I see you in everything completely in my head
You stared the end of me
The subtle movements and the lover laying dead
You started the end of me

Just so you know I don’t regret our past year, still its safe to say that I have learned a lot
Track Name: Souvenir
No grace for heartbreaks. Our friends stay a keepsake
A souvenir from me that won’t let go
Im sorry I lost grip so take them if you need it
Its the least I can do when I’m better off alone

Where will you go now that I ran away?
Sit in your room and think of me for days
Fill the gap with friends. What was mine is all yours now
A souvenir with hope that you can move on some way some how

I want you to know this wasn’t my plan from the start
So go and take all that you want
And I’d like to think I’m better than this
But I’ve made it clear that I’m not
So Take what you want, and I’ll give you everything, everything you need
Take what you want, I’ll give you everything, everything but me

Did you stop thinking of me?

Will you chase me for days or will I stay the one who got away?
Track Name: Get What I Deserve
I’m just as bad and I know you don’t deserve this
And its sad cause you think its perfect
But I’m just as bad as everyone who’s hurt you before
I’m just as bad, if not worse

Is this worth all the lost sleep and bad dreams?
And I’ve come to terms that I can’t look at you the same
Will I be hanging in your head for days?
Or will I be this feeling you can’t break?

And its sad to say this is the last day that I have to say I’m sorry
And its almost too late to get myself back on that train just to come and say I’m sorry
Cause maybe I’m not.
Cause maybe I’m not the one to be the one who will be the one

You’re every line that I wrote
And every word that I spoke
And it kills to be as bad as every promise I broke

Will you wish your best for me?
Or will you wish your worst?
Will you spare me the heartache?
Or will I get what I deserve?